[POSITIVE] for /u/Hofbrau-haus [buyer]

2022.01.21 00:15 lafaa123 [POSITIVE] for /u/Hofbrau-haus [buyer]

As always an excellent transaction, thank you!
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2022.01.21 00:15 OkPersonality9620 Advice wanted on buying a home

Hey vannies, I’m currently in the market for a condo and I’m wondering if anyone has any insight on interest rates. My mortgage broker seems to want to sell me the prime variable rate which is around 1.2%. My dad is telling me get a fixed rate just in case the rates blow through the roof one day. The variable rate is enticing because of how much less you pay in interest each month (which is staggering). But I feel like my gut is telling me to go with a fixed because then at least you know it’s not going to spike on you. Any help here would be greatly appreciated!!
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2022.01.21 00:15 awinsto5 These two are so perfect for eachother. I don't like it

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2022.01.21 00:15 ihatesocializing5 Air Force 1 Angels?

Air Force 1 Angels? submitted by ihatesocializing5 to THEMONUMENTMYTHOS [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 00:15 rinigneel Anyone know where u can learn welding?

Im a 22F and want to learn to weld. Anyone know somewhere I can learn it that won't cost to much? Thxs yall
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2022.01.21 00:15 Azel_dagger WTW for responding with “yes that’s great” when someone asks you a question but you never paid attention

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2022.01.21 00:15 Diegox204 Começar uma guerra termonuclear

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2022.01.21 00:15 randomLurkerrrr 21[M4A] gravity is the powerhouse of the cell

Naghahanap ng makakausap, makakapalitan ng goodmorning and goodnights, masesendan ng sht memes, makakalaro ng kahit anong laro, and kasama manood ng films/movies minsan sa discord. Could be platonic or more mwah
Abt me :
•Vico Sotto pero nasobrahan sa luto •has excellent communication skills •di ako big 4 eh •hende kame dds ni mama saka ni kuya saka ni bunso hehehehehehehehe •minsan tamad minsan sobrang sipag in terms of acads, so tulak mo ko kung trip mo ng acad buddy hehe
Abt you:
•humihinga •yung may boy bestfriend sana
Dm me hahahaha buryo na ko taena dalawang taon na ko nakakulong sa bahay.
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2022.01.21 00:15 ReneAlcantar [US][Selling] Girls Bravo Complete, Midori Days Complete, Ubel Blatt Vol 10, Gakuen Alice Vol 8/9, and more

Shipping is free on orders of $20 and above. Anything below that and a flat $2.89 will be added to the order.
Selling a few things, If you need any additional images let me know and I will work on getting those as soon as possible. I will reply as requests come in and try and keep this list updated. Feel free to make offers, I will deal with offers on a first come first served basis as best I can. Thanks.

Girls Bravo Vol 1-10 Complete $180.00 https://imgur.com/a/8JTm2RC
Midori Days Vol 1-8 Complete $90.00 https://imgur.com/a/VM4jwHH
Ubel Blatt Vol 10 G5 $50.00 https://imgur.com/a/6RdJ18M
Priest Vol 4,6-10 G4 $50.00 https://imgur.com/a/lWvD6RB
Gakuen Alice Vol 8 G4 $40.00 https://imgur.com/a/0vkpDql
Negima Omnibus Vol 2,3,6-9 All G2 $35.00 https://imgur.com/a/bZ0OpXh
Infinite Dendrogram LN Vol 1-4 G5 $34.00 https://imgur.com/a/mtkHU07
Dance In The Vampire Bund Vol 2,4,5,8,9 $30.00 https://imgur.com/a/moghBQ5
Cage of Eden Vol 17 G4 $30.00 https://imgur.com/a/1NES1u0
Takeru Vol 1-4 Vol 1-3 G4 Vol 4 G2 $25.00 https://imgur.com/a/NhayD9i
Gakuen Alice Vol 9 G4 $25.00 https://imgur.com/a/0vkpDql
The Ideal Sponger Life Vol 1-3 $21.00 https://imgur.com/a/KKTlkBI
Afterschool Charisma Vol 1-3 G3 $21.00 https://imgur.com/a/fak4Kx9
From The New World Vol 1 G3 $20.00 https://imgur.com/a/WKMRNKE
Flame of Recca Vol 12 G4 $20.00 https://imgur.com/a/XpXlx99
Fallen Words By Yoshihiro Tatsumi G3 $20.00 https://imgur.com/a/xJ66ofl
Val X Love Vol 6,7 G5 $16.00 https://imgur.com/a/YkgKBKT
Onegai Twins Vol 2 Light Novel G4 $15.00 https://imgur.com/a/UBxPX3k
Get Backers Vol 24 $15.00 https://imgur.com/a/dMOJl9D
Gantz Vol 12 G4 $15.00 https://imgur.com/a/5Cb3wBH
Flame of Recca Vol 28 G3 $15.00 https://imgur.com/a/BkqNZL4
Eensy Weemsy Monster Vol 1 & 2 Complete G3 $15.00 https://imgur.com/a/4sMnm57
The Twin Knights By Osamu Tezuko G3 $10.00 https://imgur.com/a/0QrJk64
No Need For Tenchi Vol 1 G2 $10.00 https://imgur.com/a/rZ9pvFE
Excel Saga Vol 5 G4 $10.00 https://imgur.com/a/3TDGuL8
If it's for my daughter i'd even defeat a demon lord LN Vol 4 G5 $8.00 https://imgur.com/a/SZ5bwUF
D.Gray-Man Omnibus 1-2-3 G4 $8.00 https://imgur.com/a/PVdufkW
A certain magical index Vol 19 Manga G4 $8.00 https://imgur.com/a/0J79Mkl
Kashimashi Vol 3 G4 $7.00 https://imgur.com/a/GIOElPw
Train Man Manga G3 $6.00 https://imgur.com/a/LM2T88o
Sword Art Online Fairy Dance Vol 1 Manga G3 $6.00 https://imgur.com/a/PmZeUyv
Negima Vol 15 G3 $5.00 https://imgur.com/a/5gTJf6y
Himeyuka & Rozione's Story G4 $5.00 https://imgur.com/a/lCNtrvz
Himeyuka & Rozione's Story G4 $5.00 https://imgur.com/a/lCNtrvz
Dungeon Builder Vol 1 G3 $5.00 https://imgur.com/a/kUSnf2F
Ral Grad Vol 2 G4 $4.00 https://imgur.com/a/Uk2Pwlj
Jack Frost Vol 1 G3 $4.00 https://imgur.com/a/R4XowJx
Hoshin Engi Vol 8 G5 $4.00 https://imgur.com/a/LR2MXuA
Dragonar Academy Vol 1 G4 $4.00 https://imgur.com/a/AO3xbda
D.Gray-Man Vol 8 $4.00 https://imgur.com/a/lu91XA3
Blood Alone Vol 4 G1 $3.00 https://imgur.com/a/KoS4LYOcal
Nana to Kaoru Black Label Vol 2 Japanese G4 $10.00 https://imgur.com/a/Zh6KUuP
Super Sonico Libra Ver (GoodSmile) $250.00 https://imgur.com/a/rDPrknW
Tenchi Muyo! Movie Collection $70.00 https://imgur.com/a/0JYGfwg
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2022.01.21 00:15 sjahan955 [USA-VA] [H] RTX 3070 Founders Editon, Gigabyte Vision RTX 3070, non-LHR / FHR [W] Local / Cash

Gigabyte Vision: $1,150
Founders Edition: $1,100
both are non lhr.
Cash only.
Local zip is 22150.
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2022.01.21 00:15 pranischal BDSP LF: Ability patch FT:Gold Bottle Cap

BDSP looking for ability patch (standard ability to hidden ability), offering a gold bottle cap
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2022.01.21 00:15 TuchmanMarshLLP For real though, this guy wanted Peggy to secretly drug Hank

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2022.01.21 00:15 Winker2009 [Showcase] Finally Hit 250 Gold and 2500 Bronze after finishing the Hunters Journey in The Last of Us

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2022.01.21 00:15 SithRose Thor at 2 weeks old vs Thor at 5 months old. This ginger boi is going to be ENORMOUS.

Thor at 2 weeks old vs Thor at 5 months old. This ginger boi is going to be ENORMOUS. submitted by SithRose to IllegallySmolCats [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 00:15 StorageOpen1206 OpenJDK is ruining minecraft for me :(

So ive tried looking for help in countless places and im just about done with minecraft and the random update i got to openjdk it runs my cpu at 100% and i want it back to java se which was nowhere near as harmful to my pc is there anyway i can change it back or fix my minecraft to be playable? i really need help so if anyone can step in youd be a saint <3
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2022.01.21 00:15 fernblatt2 Forbidden Apple Juice

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2022.01.21 00:15 PlantsNPottery Only 3 non hoya get to live here.

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2022.01.21 00:15 Dero__ Is suppressors really useful?

You trade off a lot of damage for being quiet, but I feel that enemies are not really aware of sounds. They sometimes do check gunfire and stuff, they react if you shoot in room where there is more than one enemy, but most of the times gunfire doesn't draw much attention of the enemies. Any other experiences or opinions?
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2022.01.21 00:15 AhavaKhatool Obituary for Najib "Jubi" Fouad Monsif Jr.

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2022.01.21 00:15 Alexhockey14 LF shiny 6IV beldum in the egg

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2022.01.21 00:15 Technical-Judgment37 Selling or trade (Escape from tarkov) account read description

Hi , I am new to this and never sell or traded anything in my life online ,with that being written here is the information regarding the account
I bought the game to try hardcore for once and it is really not for my taste, so I tried to issue a refund only to get denied, and that's how I got here.
I am the original owner and willing to help you with anything that might ever occur for indefinitely.
Now for trading, please be fair and don't offer obvious unfair trading offers.
I prefer shooting games for the trading option, but if you think you have better or good quality game don't hesitate to suggest.
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2022.01.21 00:15 OtreinadorOP NFT for Chester!

Hey guys! How are us? I'm here to divulgate my first NFT, I did this tribute to Chester Bennington, because he was the singer that most impacted my life with the songs, I've been listening to linkin park since I was 6 years old (I'm 27 today hehe), i gonna donate 25% from all value to this ONG CVV, on Brazil (because i'm from here) In Brazil, deaths from depression grow 705% on the last 16 years, i go post the print from transfer here and on my instagram.com/jjmarcelino26.
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2022.01.21 00:15 RoyalClintonApperson [Mug] CamelBak Hot Cap Vacuum Mug - 20 fl. oz. $10.73

[Mug] CamelBak Hot Cap Vacuum Mug - 20 fl. oz. $10.73 submitted by RoyalClintonApperson to AmazonofDeals [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 00:15 helper10118 Diagnosis!!!!!

I was right!!! Im AUTISTIC! I kind of totally new but was dealing with imposter syndrome :( but now I feel much more at ease and sure of my self. I want to say that I understand diagnosis is a privilege and I’m so fortunate! I just wanted to share!!!!!
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2022.01.21 00:15 peliculin Año 2005. A un equipo de élite de las fuerzas especiales SEAL del ejército norteamericano, liderados por Marcus Luttrell (Mark Wahlberg) junto a otros tres soldados (Kitsch, Foster & Hirsch) les es encomendada una peligrosa misión, la "Operación red wing": capturar o matar a un líder

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