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Hextech gauntlets from Arcane

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Netflix's League of Legends animated series Arcane recently hit the streaming service, and with the continued popularity of the video gaming series, Riot is bringing it to the world of tabletop ... the Sheriff of Piltover You need to enable JavaScript to run this app. Prime Gaming. You need to enable JavaScript to run this app.

2022.01.20 22:26 Jeskebill Hextech gauntlets from Arcane

Im probably not the first to ask about homebrewing someting from League of Legends, and ive searched the internet but i did not find what i was looking for. So here i am.
As the title might spoil, im looking for some tips and help on how to homebrew Vi's gauntlets from Arcane. I am wondering if they should start out as more like the gauntlets Vander had. Homemadr and mostly put together by scraps, and then let the player upgrade them into something more like the hextech gauntlets.
The party is level 3 and its probably going to end up in the hands of a monk. Any ideas?
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2022.01.20 22:26 legendarywes7 STREETS OF RAGE 4 SURVIVAL MODE UPDATE

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2022.01.20 22:26 betootafeed Home and Away Writer Fired For Not Reaching One Car Crash Scene Per Season Quota

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2022.01.20 22:26 bigguys45s Venetians - So Much For Love HD (1987, No. 88 on the US Billboard Hot 100 Charts)

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2022.01.20 22:26 cryptocalbot AMA (Ask Me Anything) - Offshift (XFT): January 27, 2022 12:00 PM EST

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2022.01.20 22:26 PawgAdjudicator2 huntermhenderson weighing 204 lb.

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2022.01.20 22:26 prawnbiryani #unsplashcats #cute #adorable #kittens #cats #followformore

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2022.01.20 22:26 inkypig What's a movie that would not be able to be remade today due to updates in societal norms?

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2022.01.20 22:26 Happyhippo_Tristan1 I followed the trail

I went back to the clear blood trail and decided to follow it going against the tips! What I found shocked me to my core. I found a dead skin stealer WITH ITS ARM MISSING!? Whatever did this is more powerful I have to find a way to level 2
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2022.01.20 22:26 kedikahveicer I'll be adopting a cat in the next 1-2 months... Any advice for a new cat owner?

I once looked after a cat for 4 months, really enjoyed having some company. The shelter that I'll be getting a cat from has a fee that covers all the generic stuff, fleaing/worming, chipping, spaying etc etc...
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2022.01.20 22:26 NewLife_4784 Co-op question

I am allowed for co-op to work at my parent's company or co-op should be via WaterlooWorks?
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2022.01.20 22:26 WingleWangler Why am I so dumb?

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2022.01.20 22:26 Mamboo07 With the new Monsterverse series announced

I hope we get to see what Bunyip, Orochi, Leviathan, Abbadon and the others look like on-screen since there were little mention and their names only shown.
(Live action Mokele Mbembe!)
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2022.01.20 22:26 SuperCryptoBr0 Bitcoin Whale Just Transferred $20M Worth of BTC Onto Coinbase

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2022.01.20 22:26 Clevercrumbish Fragment Rollover Fix mod - for those who complained

I wouldn't normally post here for the purpose of being like "duh hey guys I modded Sunless Sea, check it out!" but given I remember I few months ago after the Epic giveaway the inability of fragments to roll over when you gain a secret (thus limiting the usefulness of Pages) was a point of contention for a few new players on this sub, I thought I'd post a link to my new mod that fixes this behaviour so that they do. It seems via code injection (which is now rather painless through the tools available for Unity-based games) a lot of modding goals I and others have spent a while sadly informing people are not possible in this game... are, actually, and not that hard to do. So I guess if this oversight always bothered you, check the mod out.
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2022.01.20 22:26 status_active Should I get the DS220+ (at full price) or wait until 2022 versions are released?

Hello community,
Unfortunately, I completely missed the black friday deals on the DS220+ so now I'm debating the idea of getting it at full price ($300 USD) or wait until it get discounted after the release of the new 2022 NAS versions. Who knows when.
Any suggestions?
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2022.01.20 22:26 LongjumpingAd6428 Soleil THC 1 - 2 mg/ml CBD 8 - 12 mg/ml doesn’t affect me at all

I’m not a smoker. I’m also not addicted to weed or anything. I bought this for anxiety, sleep and menstrual cramps. It doesn’t affect me at all. Like I’m not high at all. I didn’t buy it to get high but for the purposes above but I’m still wondering why can’t I get high, even just a little bit? I use the dropper that comes with it almost filled.
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2022.01.20 22:26 coolguyweir Roblox - The Judgement

Roblox - The Judgement Please join! It's the official community for my game.
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/thejudgement/
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2022.01.20 22:26 Evilsheep-33 First ever attempt at an orruk ardboy, would love to hear what you think. C&C (obviously) welcome

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2022.01.20 22:26 doctorofheisenberg Any definitive update on release date of OW2?

I recently got into OW but after spending 30-40 hours it makes me not to invest further into game when I think OW1 isn't going to get new content.
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2022.01.20 22:26 cyberria Cernunnos

Hello, I am an old pagan who took a break for ten years and recently started getting back into it. In my late teens, I got into Wicca, but it never stuck. I did however learn a lot about polytheism. At the time, I didn't feel a connection to the Earth, so I lapsed into Agnosticism. Recently, and I can't recall what triggered it, I started researching paganism again, specifically Germanic since most of my ancestors are from England and Germany. I have a stronger connection to the Earth these days, specifically the sun and seasons. I am opposed to the duology of Wicca, so I've been researching various goddesses that might resonate with me to take as a patron of sorts. My spirituality puts the feminine at the forefront, but I don't resonate with Dianic Wicca. I believe it's better to form my own spirituality, so I haven't just picked a goddess. I've been sleeping on it, hoping a goddess will choose me. Well, instead, I got a god. I had a dream about Cernunnos. Naturally, I've read about him, but I have no interest in a masculine force, nor a Celtic god. Cernunnos was worshipped primarily in Gaul, and as far as I know, I have no ancestry there. He is a god of forests, yet I live in a coastal city in the southeast of America. I've never even seen a forest, but I suppose I do have an affinity for them. I am at an impasse. I have yet to dream or feel any affinity toward a particular goddess, and now I have a god popping up in my dreams. I don't know whether this is a sign, or that I should sleep on it more.
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2022.01.20 22:26 betootafeed Unsupervised Lads Strutting Into Cinema Unprepared For Furious Wrath Of Holiday Mums

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2022.01.20 22:26 ThumbGardening Laurels Plants: Guide to Planting, Growing and Nursing

The noble Laurels plants are the easiest to grow among the spicy, essential, and medicinal plants in room form. If given regular and straightforward care, Laurels plants can become a real interior decoration. And you can pick and dry the leaves of the fragrant, elegant, evergreen plants to use as a home spice. But you will have to sacrifice some lushness for this. Few can compete for the beauty of silhouette and the nobility of texture. And the relative simplicity of the legendary plant in a room can be a pleasant surprise. You will learn how to grow Laurels plants in the ThumbGarden article.
One of the oldest introduced, medicinal, sacred, and mythical plants, once used to crown the heads of Roman emperors, its value goes far beyond its aroma, enhancing the flavor of soups, meat dishes, and fish. Laurels plants' antiseptic powers make it a favorite in any landscape design. And its regal appearance has long been a model of classical beauty.
Laurus nobilis is a legendary species that is most often found indoors. Indoor shrubs and trees are several times more compact than natural Laurels plants. Their height is usually limited to 40-80 inches (1-2 m), depending on formation and pruning. But all other features, even with indoor laurels, are not pale in the least.
Smooth brown bark and naturally severe or dense cone-shaped crowns are the hallmarks of Laurels plants. So are the solid or slightly wavy, lanceolate, large, sclerotized, 3-6 inch (7.5-15 cm) long, gray-green above and light-colored below, very fragrant leaves.
Laurels plants are considered a rarity for flowering indoors. It is an ornamental indoor deciduous plant. The small greenish flowers bloom in axillary inflorescences, and the fruits of Laurels plants are very beautiful dark blue, juicy, and fragrant to the bone.
Growing Conditions for Indoor Laurels Plants
Although it has become a symbol of mainly Mediterranean landscapes, Laurels plants are cultivated everywhere in mild subtropical climates. This plant adapts well to the form of the room, requiring only a moderate imitation of natural conditions, is perfectly tolerant of low light, and does not even require mandatory cold overwintering.
Lighting and placement
Household Laurels plants can only be considered somewhat light-loving. Maximum decorative greenery and growth rate can be achieved in diffused bright light. Plants placed outdoors in summer can also be grown in the fullest sun; in rooms on hot southern windowsills, shrubs may suffer from the midday sun and dry out.
Locations near east and west windows are ideal. Laurels plants are often advertised as shade-tolerant crops. It can indeed tolerate shade, but it barely grows, does not branch at all, and is defenseless to pests and improper care. Lighting for Laurels plants does not have to be as bright as possible in winter; any bright spot in the house is sufficient, but even a semi-shady spot can be uncomfortable. All changes in lighting for Laurels plants should be gentle and gradual.
Temperature and Ventilation
Laurels plants do well at any temperature above 68 °F (20°C) during active vegetation. They are not afraid of heat, as long as they have access to fresh air and regularly watered.
Overwintering of Laurels plants is not the easiest part of their cultivation. Plants are best kept at temperatures between 50-59 °F (10-15°C). Laurels plants are not afraid of cold temperatures and can even tolerate a brief frost of -23 °F (5°C), but it is best not to take them to extremes. If it is not possible to create cool conditions for winter, you need to monitor the moisture content of the soil and air and restore the plants by pruning in spring.
Laurels plants successfully combine garden and indoor undertakings. You can use them for balconies and terraces or outdoor areas. You can bring indoor Laurels plants into your garden as one of the first people to do so. They don't mind precipitation, but you should consider the stability of the container and protection against wind gusts.
How to Take Care of Laurels Plants at Home
It is no coincidence that Laurels plants are considered the easiest shrubs to grow and the largest "beneficial" shrubs. They require relatively little care, can forgive a few lapses, and are content with simple care without too many frills.
Watering and air humidity
It is enough never to let the ground tassels dry out completely and not to allow waterlogging and soil acidification. Water Laurels plant sparingly in winter. Do not let the lower layer of soil dry out, but let the middle and upper layers dry out. In summer, on the other hand, water more often and water frequently. Drain the tray after 5 to 10 minutes and let the top layer dry only slightly. If Laurels plants are in estrus, they will need to be watered daily or more often.
Laurels plants do not need too much humidity, but they do not like dry conditions either. In hot weather, it is best to incorporate spraying into your care plan as a basic precaution to prevent the spread of pests and to maintain a fresh, rich green color. You can also replace them by placing a tray with moist pebbles or moss.
Room-sized Laurels plants prefer showers, which are the best way to remove dust from the leaves.
Nutrients and Fertilizer Components
Moderate fertilization of Laurels plants during the growing stage is sufficient. Young plants can be given food every 2 weeks. But adults can have enough fertilization once a month from March to October. Any compound fertilizer containing not only macro-nutrients but also micro-nutrients will do the trick.
Pruning and shaping Laurels plants
It is tough to grow Laurel's plants indoors without pruning them. Laurels plants are one of the best topiary objects in a room. These plants can be easily shaped into cones, pyramids and spheres, boulders, and bonsai trees. Both the strong pruning and pinching methods can be used for pruning.
Basic pruning is usually not done in early spring, but after growth has stopped - from late summer (not before the third decade of August) to October. It is important to leave at least two pairs of leaves when pruning. In the spring, if cut in the fall, re-sprout and thicken the crown, especially if Laurels plants form a round silhouette. Sanitary pruning and removal of dry leaves can be done at any time.
Transplanting, containers, and substrates
There is no need to report Laurels plants every year. Transplant only when the substrate fills the roots, and the plants have nowhere to grow, increasing the diameter of the container by 1-2 inches (2.5-5 cm). When the pot reaches its maximum size, replace the topsoil frequently, every 6 months, instead of replanting.
Large and deep containers should be chosen for the indoor cultivation of noble Laurels plants. It is not a coincidence that it is considered a caged plant even in the room. Natural materials are preferred. Laurels plants are happy with a standard substrate, as long as it is well-nourished and well-drained. A composite universal mixture based on turf soil with the addition of peat, sand, and leaf soil (in a ratio of 4:1:1:2) is usually chosen.
Pests and problems in cultivation
Indoor Laurels plants often suffer from aphids, spider mites, and scale mites. It is easier to prevent problems by showering and spraying than by dealing with pests since even insecticides are not always effective - pests are very fond of this evergreen plant.
Lawrence can develop rot and smoldering mildew if the soil becomes waterlogged or is kept too high in cold temperatures. Therefore, infestation must be controlled by emergency replanting, pruning of affected parts, and treatment with fungicides (preventive treatments last 2-3 years).
Propagation of Laurels plants
Despite its popularity as a plant, propagating Laurels plants is not the easiest task. Cuttings can only be taken in mid-spring (April) and in the first half of summer (June/July). They are rooted under a mulch and kept in a lightly moist substrate and at a temperature of about 77 °F (25 °C). Young plants need cool overwintering and perfect care.
You can also grow indoor Laurels plants from seed. You have to wait a few years for the results, but sowing is not complicated, and the plants develop quickly. Sow Laurels plant seeds in the spring in a 1 inch (2.5 cm) deep mixture of substrate and sand in equal parts. Seeds should be kept warm at 64-73 °F (18-23°C).
Seedlings will be picked after the second true leaf emerges. Usually, two picks are used until the second year before transferring the seedlings to separate containers. The most important thing is maintaining medium air humidity and constant light soil moisture. It is best to keep the plants cool in the early stages of development, and overwintering at lower temperatures is necessary for the seedlings.
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2022.01.20 22:26 svanapps Google Pay Wants To Be A ‘Comprehensive Digital Wallet’

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2022.01.20 22:26 LordChunkyReborn Every multiplayer easter egg I could find

First, the Cyber Showdown Event: •One of the challenges is something Among Us, and I'm pretty sure it's a backstab challenge. May be coincidence •Brute Rock Background. "Live on Tour!" I missed Craig's concert... •Cross Glitch: Hahah, very funny 343. We know the game has bugs •Electric Bubblegum weapon skin: "It's a Feast for your eyes!" I first heard 'Feast yer eyes' in brave, but lemmino if it's been used before •Expecting Trouble: Pretty sure cortana had a pine similar to this previously
Effects: Judgement Helm: Every ody remembers the days of the fabled flaming recon helmet in H3
Emblems: •Every number emblem: Each has some humorous text. •3: "We need to vote somebody off the ship" 100% an amongus ref •4: "Quads Rule, Tris Drool" a pun on the classic 'Girls rule boys drool' •Nice Kitty: "Purr-fect" best ran with cat ears •Radioactive: "IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAND ROENTGEN" do I really need to explain the classic Dragon Ball meme? •Skull King: "Lord of the Hill and Dale" King of the Hill reference •Stuck: "Is it a spider?!" A line in the early seasons of RvB from being stuck(Cant remember what character) •Assembled: "Each Spartan is a weapon system greater than the sum of its parts" A line Halsey said before •Noble: "Gone, but not forgotten" A common line said when referring to Reach •Sacrifice: A perfect copy of the scene directly after Jorge's death •Sentinel: "A lifetime of training in the law of honor has led to this" A line similar to one said about the Sangheili species •Shreddin: "War is a lot like skateboarding" Possibly a reference to Forrest Gump's "Life is a lot like a box of chocolates..." •Stainless: "Always bring a knife to a fistfight" the reverse of a common line "never bring a knife to a gunfight" •Wild Justice: "Hope born from the flames of resistance" I know I've heard this exact line somewhere •Windfall: A reference to Fireteam Windfall and their motto. A recent one •I love bees: I was surprised to see a Halo 2 ARG reference here •Perfect Putter: "The sand trap was a war zone" A possible reference to the map Sandtrap, a common forge map •Chibi Arbiter: "Turn, Heretic" A line said in the Halo 2 level, Heretic •Chibi Chieftan: "Puny Human" A line said commonly in H3 •Chibi Elite: "Wort. Wort Never changes" A duel reference to Fallout's iconic line and to the most memed Elite vouceline •Chibi John: "I need an Emblem" A play on his first lime of dialogue in Halo 2, "I need a weapon" •Chibi Johnson: "Am I right marines!?" A line said at the end of all johnson's speeches in Halo CE •Social Media Chief: Of course, Marty's Mister Chief
Colors: •Banished Deception: "The banished trust what they can see and feel, perhaps a bit too much" pretty sure a variation of this line was used on brutes •Hexen Slate: "Humanity is ignorant of the miracles and secrets beneath their feet" Pretty sure one of the prophets said this •Milspec stack: "Combat Tested, not yet UNSC approved" Spiff on Kid tested, mother approved •Ghost Grey: "Even the dead can tell tales, with the right equipment" A line said by Kat in the first mission of Reach •Noble Portal: The UNSC Savannah sends its regards. A line said by the Savannah's captain shortly before she was defeated in combat •Willow Tea: Calm Before the storm. A halo level name •Blood Shadow: There are lessons in life to be learned from observing the 'sKelln hunt their prey. A line said by an elite in a previous halo game(unable to remember) •Platinum Anniversary: No. I think we're just getting started. A reference to Cortana's line in the ending of Halo CE. Also the color is Chief's color in his first outing •Complimentary Poppy: Just take the dang compliment already. A line said by Johnson •Splintered Desert: Like wearing a poncho in the desert. Possibly a reference to Poncho Chief
Armor •Calling Card: Forge's Ace from Halo Wars •Bryce Visor: The color of an inchor drenched canyon. A reference to Bloodgulch •Grey Skull: The color of slate burnished by eternal winds. A line said about the remains of a glassed planet •Blackpool: What lies beneath?. A reference to the flood •Rampant: the color of dispair and madness. A line said about a rampant A.I. also the color of cortana's rampant state •Psychapple: A reference to the common name of Halo's grenades, the pineapple grenade •Clonely Bear: Daisy's teddy bear from Halo Legends •MkV Zeta: The helmet looks alarmingly similar to the helmet in Legend's Be Human •Final Stand: Even as the planet burned, the guns of Reach did not fall... A reference to Reach's final mission, Lone Wolf •Every non common MkV[B] armor coating has a reference to Reach's game dualogue •Stalwart Visor: Tell em to make it count. Jorge's last line to Noble Six...
Tips: •Insulate to injury: Pun on Insult to injury •You're a wizard: Harry potter •360 no scope: A classic •Get over here: A reference to Scorpion's most iconic line •Friendly Neighborhood Spartan: Spiderman's iconic line •I don't keep it loaded son: Keyes' first words to chief in CE •I ain't afraid!: A common line in movies. Name your favorite down below •Wheel-time strategy: a pun on RTS games and also Halo Wars •Double time: A line used by Johnson and Carter •Finish the fight: a reference to the promotional h3 commercial of the same name •Addition by refraction: A line saud by 343 guilty spark •Should've gone for the head: Thanos' iconic line •Study the blade: A line said by a Sangheili before, iirc •Noob Cube: A play on Noob Tube, aka a grenade launcher •Overencumbered and cannot run: The most hated line in all of Bethesda. Ironic that Microsoft owns them now. •Careful, it's sharp: I cannot for the life of me remember where this is from •Eye see you: Play on I see you •Mix things up a little: A line said in previous games and chief too •This cave is not a natural formation: Cortana's remarks in CE •Two sticks and a rock: A line said by johnson in the scarab cutscene of H2
Extra: •Mister Chief: voice actor suspiciously sounds like Halo Legends' Spartan 1337
Achievements: •One Shot, Top Mid: The weirdest secret achievement, also a hella old meme from CSS. •Please Shut Up: A line some grunts say when using the IWHBYD skull in older games •Outpost Discovery: A reference to the live event of the same name •Do you even gift?: A play on a very common musclehead line, Do you even lift bro •They see me rollin: A reference to a song of the same name •Natural Formation Location Sensation: Reference to Cortana being a dork in CE •All about the grind: Reference to a common line used by pro gamers •Brutality: Reference to a kill action in Mortal Kombat •Back to the chopper: Reference to Arnie's most iconic line •Running Laps: Possibly a reference to Scout from TF2 •Peeker's disadvantage: a reverse play on a common phrase in competitive •You're up, room: Reference to Buck's line in ODST •Just the two of us: A reference to a song of the same name •"Need a weapon?": A line in previous halo games •That thing on the left is a brake": A reference to RvB where church complains about how many pedals a Scorpion has •Which one of us is the machine: A cortana line and also featuring Mister Chief •I'm ready, how bout you?: Emile's last line in Reach •Who is max valor?: Reference to intentional stupidity of some characters •Canon Collector: Reference to lore •Bare your fangs: Escharum's line he says to Chief in the first teaser trailer •Run rabbit, run: Reference to Run Forrest, Run •All seeing I: Quote in multiple movies that have a mcguffin device •Big Brother: Reference to 1984 •Bring Shiela home safely: Reference to RvB's once recurring character, Shiela the scorpion •Party Bus: Fortnite's party bus •MEDIC!: Possibly a TF2 reference
I have not unlocked all of the secret achievements, so if you have and they have noteworthy references, lemmino down below!
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